Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 95: Coming home

Late Saturday night, I changed after dinner from my Lilly dress into this casual shorts and shirt combination.  I only wore it for a few hours of sitting around with a few old friends and lots of new ones, so I incorporated the pieces into Sunday's outfit as well.  I had to change my plans for what to wear on the plane ride back because I wasn't going to wear the white pants anymore.  I had a feeling that upon landing in Philly, I'd really regret the shorts, but I didn't! It was unseasonably warm on Sunday night around 11 pm and I was actually a bit too toasty in that cab coming home.  These layers served me well.  FYI: Apparently you're not allowed to take pictures in the baggage claim area of PHL.

I'm sorry my vacation posts were a little out of order; I hope you still can see that I had a great vacation and am very happy for my newly married friends. I packed super lightly for this trip, and I think it worked out, and I wore all but two tank tops that I packed.  Not bad, considering I didn't know what to expect!

Blue tee: LOFT
Button up: J. Crew
Cardigan, wedges, and bag: Banana Republic
Shorts: Gap
Boat shoes: Sperry (J. Crew)
Necklace: Rebecca's

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  1. I love your shoes (the second one)!
    nice blog!
    cheers xo