Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 88: TBA Apparel

I would venture to say that the day after a bachelorette party, nobody is feeling or looking their best. Combine that with a Phillies loss, and I was not feeling particularly photogenic.  I was planning on grabbing a photo from facebook and putting it on this blog to represent what I wore to watch the Phillies get defeated, but it turns out that when we won the World Series in 2008, I was (surprise, surprise) wearing my sister's Phillies hoodie.  And then in the pictures from the game I went to earlier this year when it was freezing, I am wearing a coat over my hoodie.  Now there is a list of 3 outfits I owe you, so someday I will have a little catch-up photoshoot.  Underneath the hoodie, I wore a Kappa Alpha Theta baseball tee, my favorite Theta shirt of all time.

Update: Here are the tops I wore that day:

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