Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 91: Jamaican holiday

I'm so glad that I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica for the wedding of my friends Alicia and Tommy! I was there for five days, starting last Wednesday. The flight was at 6 am, which means that I landed in Jamaica around 8:30 am and was on the beach by 11.  We stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid, an impressive all-inclusive resort.  I had never been to a resort before, and didn't know what to expect, but this spot was perfect for a few carefree days in the sun with friends. I think there were 28 of us there for the wedding festivities, which was ideal, because Dave and I could go off and relax or kayak on our own, but there were always people around to hang out or play volleyball with if we wanted to.  A perfect vacation!

Dave's sister lent me a beautiful batch of clothes (and jewelry!) to take on this trip, since she dressed well for her St. Barts honeymoon five months ago.  Every day in Jamaica, I put my bathing suit on first thing in the morning and kept it on until it was time to dress up for dinner. I would keep a cover-up or some more casual clothes around during the day to wear during breakfast and lunch, but after nap time, it was generally time to get dressed up and put on some makeup.  The cruise ship in the background of these shots already has me thinking about my next vacation!

Dress: Rebecca's, J. Crew
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Rebecca's
Bracelets: Forever 21


  1. it looks amazing there! Also like your outfit!

  2. Very pretty. I like the island view, too.