Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 93: What I Wore to the Wedding!

Alicia and Tommy got married on October 7! Unfortunately, it was raining, so the wedding was moved inside, but we still had a great time, and we had plenty of time to soak up the sun the rest of the time.  The Avallones are probably my blog's biggest fans, so Tommy wanted a picture to show off the dress so he could guarantee a spot in this post. Of course I'm going to include my favorite new married couple!

One reason I am very lucky to have so many people in my life who like to share clothes with me is that I get to wear something I might not ordinarily buy.  For instance, I think this dress is beautiful and was a perfect choice for Alicia and Tommy's Jamaican wedding, though I'm not sure if I would have bought it for myself. I love how it is perfectly tropical, but if I had a jean jacket, I would also want to wear it to dinner in 50-or 60-degree weather back home. Please also notice that Dave is doing a good job making the most of his wardrobe as well, as he's wearing the vest and pants from our own wedding. We a generally a couple whose outfits complement one anothers' pretty well, but we did not do any dress-tie coordination this time, as you can see.

Dress: Rebecca's, from Anthropologie
Necklace: Gift from Mom?
I am also wearing shoes


  1. very cute dress!

  2. Thank you! I am lucky to have a sister in law who values quality goods (and sharing)!