Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A few more thoughts

I have loved getting dressed every day since I finished my project! I have a catalog of all of my clothes in my head now so it's easier to think about what I like and what I think looks good on me.  I have never thought of myself as a fashionable person, but I do care about what I wear and would like to become more fashionable. In the past year or so, I've been filling out my wardrobe and incorporating new pieces, and this blog was the perfect way for me to see what works and what doesn't, as well as what is missing from my wardrobe. 

Everyone's wardrobe is a work in progress, but here are a few things that I have learned from working on this project:
One of the most important elements of an outfit is the fit! You could have the prettiest dress, but if it's too big or too small, it won't be a good look, regardless of how you style it.
I no longer need to steer away from trends. In the past, I would ignore them because I didn't want to spend the money on something that might not last, but I've learned that If I actually like them, I shouldn't stop myself from picking them up at an affordable price. Leggings, skinny jeans, riding boots--they're been around for a while now, and it takes years for them to go from a Do to a Don't.

Shoes, accessories, and coats should not be an afterthought! They can make or break an outfit. 

I wore my wedding dress twice this year, but this may not have been the best idea because now there is a purple mark on it.  Perhaps from when the foosball controller poked me at Gill's Halloween party?

And a visual representation of my biggest take-away, which is that skirts are always more exciting than pants:

I am very excited about some pieces I received for Christmas and from the outlets in Rehoboth, Delaware the day after Christmas. The Banana Republic outlet was having an incredible sale when I was there! I'll try to share some of those looks with you, but I am still not sure how I'll be at braving the weather for outdoor outfit shots in the winter. I'm also getting nice and comfortable with my routine of leaving the house after Dave in the morning, leaving me without a photographer.

Happy New Year, and thanks for keeping me company in 2011!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

For the Lazy Lady in All of Us

Hopefully you don't remember the wrinkles on the gray dress that I wore back in September.  It wasn't the wrinkliest outfit I've ever seen, but it wasn't exactly a proud moment.  Take a look at what the dress looked like in the beginning:

Enter Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray.  The good folks at Downy sent me a bottle (along with another spray to use the next time I iron...which might be never), and I immediately knew which dress I would use to test the spray.  With a few spritzes, I let the dress hang overnight. I never took the iron out of the closet, because as you should remember, I only like to iron when I'm on business trips.  When I woke up and put the dress on, I found that it was significantly less wrinkled.  I like this experiment a lot better than the one I did in fifth grade that involved carnations and glycerin; this one has a practical implication and I am thrilled to see that with a few sprays, I can turn ridiculous into presentable.  My science teacher mom should be proud.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Look Back at Some Favorites

Now that I've worn all of my clothes, I want to share a round-up of some of the pictures that have made me the most happy over these past few months.  In some cases, it's because I felt good and would like to wear the outfits again; other times the pictures take me back to a great time I had in that outfit.  I anticipate that this post will help reinspire me if I am having trouble picking out an outfit in the future. As someone who has always said that I don't know what my style really is because I'm just used to buying what looks good and is on sale, I think this will be a big step in helping me see a theme and understand what it is that I really like to wear.  My closet will always be a work in progress, but now I have cleaned out what I didn't want to wear and added in some essential pieces that I love, so I'm excited to see what I'll wear next!
Pretty dress

Match the scenery

Favorite new sweater

A little chic with my casual

A few favorite pieces

Can I live like this forever?

A statement vintage purchase

My favorite skirt and boots, now with a favorite shirt

Comfortable but presentable

Fun details

Finally styled a black shirt

At Woodberry Kitchen

Mixing it up

Looks like fall!

Orchard fun with my photographer husband

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 143: This is it!

After 143 days, I have worn all of my clothes! If it's in my apartment and it's wearable, it has been on my body at some point since July 6, 2011. The project didn't take as long as I had expected, especially when you consider that the first way I envisioned the blog is that I would wear all of the clothes I could for a year, and then give away everything I didn't wear in that year. But I wore lots of items, whether I love them or don't know why I own them, or somewhere in between.  Thanks to everyone who has read along or listened to me strategize and analyze the project as I went along. I appreciate the blog comments more than you realize--I love learning what your favorite pieces of my wardrobe are. It definitely helps me as I plan what to buy next! A big thanks to Steph K. for being a big blog and real life supporter, who really encouraged me to start a blog in the first place. And of course, this blog would have no pictures if it weren't for my husband Dave, who wants to keep taking pictures even though the clothes I'm wearing now have been on this blog already (Day 2, in fact. I missed that dress.).  I know I didn't win a Grammy, and this isn't even your favorite blog, but I had a lot of fun and it is the season of gratitude, you know. So thank you, thank you, and thank YOU!

You haven't seen the last of me! I will be back when I get new clothes, and probably also when I wear outfits that I want to share and remember. I also have a few round-up posts planned so you can look back on my favorite outfits of the past 5 months, as well as the pieces that I have gotten rid of as a result of this evaluation.  Stay tuned!

Sweater: Banana Republic
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Gift from Steph Consoli, from U.O.

Day 142: Champagne Cocktail

And as the first stage of the The Everything Project wrapped up, I got a haircut! I should have done this months ago, but I always try to grow my hair long until it gets too unhealthy and I need to get it chopped again. I promise to get regular haircuts in a timely manner from now on.  The weather outside has been incredible lately, and for that, I am very thankful.  But the sun has been setting early, and by the time I was dressed for our friends Steph and Dave's party on Friday evening, the sun had set. The good thing about that is you get to see this cranberry champagne cocktail, which is very delicious. Steph and Dave sure know how to entertain, and we had a great time.  Photo quality is the price I pay for the early sunset, though.  I had planned for this to be my final outfit of the project until I receive or purchase new clothes, but I found a sweater of mine on Dave's side of the closet on Friday.  The project lives on! 

Dress: Theory
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx

Day 141: Happy Thanksgiving!

Way back in 2008, the Phillies were awesome. As a life-long fan, the excitement and surprise at their talent was unfamiliar and the best feeling ever. In one play-off game the next year, when we were still feeling good, the Phils were down and nerves were high, when Ryan Howard came to the plate and saved the day with a double. The legend is that he was in the dugout, ready to deliver a game-winner, and told his teammates, "Get me to the plate, boys." And that quote was great, because it worked. So then Dave gave me this shirt for my birthday, and when I wore it--in the middle of my birthday party--the Phils lost to the Giants and the season was over for the good guys.  You may remember that Ryan Howard was particularly asleep at the plate. And he's been in a slump ever since. So while this shirt was once awesome, now it is just sad, which is why it is now my Thanksgiving shirt. Thanksgiving with Dave's family is casual, and there were plenty of boys there, so it made sense to me!

Tee: Gift from Dave
Red shirt: Betsy's
Chinos: Banana Republic
Jacket: Gift from Mom, Old Navy
Shoes: Converse via TJ Maxx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 59: Playing Ketchup*

As I've mentioned before, I didn't photograph every single outfit I wore during the duration of this wardrobe challenge. Many casual tops have their place, which is not in front of the camera. I did make sure to take at least one picture each day for the past 5+ months, though.  On Day 59, that outfit was this Lilly dress, which I wore to a wedding.  But dresses are important and blog-worthy, so even though I didn't get a picture of it then, I want to let you know that I wore this one to have lunch and a beer with Danielle and her boyfriend in Baltimore on that September day. I was planning on wearing it to the wedding, styled with black peep-toes and a skinny black belt, but I just didnt feel like it. So I changed into the crab dress, which I had been intending to wear to brunch the next day, which is why I stopped at Target the next morning and picked up this purple dress.  Yes, it's very difficult being this fickle.

Dress: Banana Republic

*And yes, I did get ketchup on this dress, which is another part of the reason I didn't wear it to the wedding. The stain has since disappeared.