Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 98: My style blog

Like I said a few days ago, generally when I buy something at a thrift store, it still has the tags from somewhere else on it. Do all Goodwills take Target's leftovers? I loved going to Goodwill when I was in high school and would buy hot pink blazers, witty tee shirts, and AFJs (a special acronym Alicia and I had for pre-worn jeans). Then I took a break for a few years because I decided it's time to have a more sophisticated wardrobe and I would just stop in to check out the stores occasionally.  But now, I am ready to go back whole-heartedly with a fresh perspective and a better instinct for what will enhance my wardrobe. Enter: this skirt. It's a much bigger risk that I'm used to taking at a thrift store, but I am loving it. I might start camping out in that $1 room of PAT.  It was so cheap that I'm not even that annoyed that I had to get it dry cleaned before I could feel comfortable wearing it.

And also: the sandals! Who would've guessed that I could get Jack Rogers sandals for 60% off because an Indian restaurant went out of business? Bindi on 13th Street was closing and putting all of their furniture and fixtures up for sale, and the owners, who also own a number of other amazing restaurants and stores, threw in some items from Verde and Open House for good measure.  That was a great day!

Top: Betsy's, though I have a matching one in red
Skirt: Philly Aids Thrift
Shoes: Jack Rogers
Anchor earrings: Forever 21
Necklace: Was Margaret's
Umbrella: Bucknell University

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up to What I Wore Wednesday again! Welcome, new readers!
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  1. Wow - you are quite the busy blogger today. Everytime I look at your blog you have a new post up. :)

    I super love this outfit!!! The colors look great on you and the skirt is so flattering.

  2. Love the outfit honey, you look amazing. Great score on those sandals, I want them. Have a great week honey. ax

  3. Thank you! I feel good in this outfit! I've been saying that I don't really feel like I have a style blog so much as an outfit blog, but I feel like this one could make the cut!

    I also think this is my best attempt at the color blocking trend, though I need to get some more colors in there!

  4. Really pretty colors on you! I love that green top.

    If you're interested, I also host a style linky on Mondays with @BonBonRoseGirls & @Momtrends. This week we're giving away a prograde flat iron:

  5. Thanks, Jill! I linked up and will check in again on Monday!