Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 74: An Apple a Day

Can you tell that I'm bummed that Dave and I never took engagement photos? Good thing I have a sister who is willing to take our pictures when we are being silly. As you know, she is also excellent at sharing her clothing with me. Thanks, Bets! No full-length shots here; I'm just wearing jeans and sneakers, since I have yet to find a great and affordable pair of boots. 
 I like what that New Jersey water does to my hair.

Josh was only interested in throwing apples and using them as a telephone.

Sweater: Forever 21 (yes, Betsy's)
Jeans: Gap
Sneakers: Nike
Earrings: Gift from Betsy
Apples: I actually haven't eaten one of these yet.


  1. good stuff!I love the sweater. and the apple photos are very cute. just found your blog and I like the concept of making sure all of your clothes are getting worn!

  2. Thank you! These photos were much more fun to take than usual, as you can probably tell!

  3. The cutest post ever. Love those photos and you look super adorable:) Have a great day, sunshine. Muah

  4. Congratulations!! The pictures are really cute! :)