Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 77: Business Cozy

Another day, another outfit. Just a step on the way to wearing all of my clothes. This pretty beaded top, which is perfect for this weather since it's made of a soft, sweatery material, is borrowed from my husband's sister, Rebecca.  I know this wouldn't count as "my" clothes, then, but since I have it now, I'm wearing it.  By the end of the project--a few months down the road--I will have worn everything that is still in my closet, in my drawers, and under my bed. Ok, I keep a lot of things other places too. The hall closet, the hook near the front door, my jewelry boxes and stand...I will wear it all. Just you wait.
Shirt: Rebecca's from Banana Republic
Pants: Sears
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Kohl's
Earrings: Gift from Kelly from Ethiopia
Bracelet: No clue. See how it's restrung on a yellow plastic cord?