Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 79: A Story About a Vest

Yesterday's necklace was from Margaret, and today's vest is another gift from her, so I should give you a bit of background. After my grandmother, Aga, passed away in 1995, my grandfather, Pa, started going to church. It was there that he met Margaret for the second time. The first time was when she went to her brother's school dance at McDonogh, where all of the other boys, including a young Pa, were captivated by her.  She became a model, married a movie star, and then, years and years later, married Pa in 1997.

As this story relates to the blog, for Christmas, Aga gave me Life Savers and Hans Christian Andersen books. In 1996, Pa gave me an LL Bean tote that I didn't appreciate at the time, but completely adore now. And since then, Margaret has been giving me clothes from brands I hadn't heard of before I met her.  Margaret introduced me to Anthropologie in the 90's, as well as her old friend Lilly Pulitzer. This vest is from Banana Republic and is one of a number of cold-weather pieces she has given to me as a gift. These days, Margaret lives in a retirement home in Maryland, where everyone calls her Ms. Hollywood, and she is more glamorous than I could ever hope to be.

Top: Gap
Vest: Gift from Margaret, Banana Republic
Jeans: Gap, Laura's
Shoes: New from Urban Outfitters
Headband: ??
Earrings: Gift from Dave's mom
Bag: Betsy's, Tommy Hilfiger

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