Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 83: Dancing in Ivy

A few friends are coming over to my place after work today, and I thought that this dress would be perfect for hostessing.  My sister-in-law, Rebecca, lent the dress to me, and I love it! I'm glad it works with this cardigan, because the embroidery has a cold-weather feel to me, but it's strapless and sleeveless, so it isn't exactly a Christmas time dress. It's still warm outside, and it's sure to be warm in my apartment tonight even though Dave took care of all of the cooking last night. 

You can't see the lace detailing on this cardigan, but it's there, and this is the dress I wore for the chillier parts of my wedding on April 10, 2010!

 Dress: Rebecca's, from Anthropologie
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Lindsay necklace: Gift from Mom
Ruby earrings: Bridesmaid gift from Denise
Bag: Target
Sunglasses: Kohl's


  1. love the detail on your dress and are those stripes on the wedges?? So cute. hope you have a fun time hosting :)


  2. Boooitifuw dwess, Lindsay!

  3. Thank you! Yes, the wedges are striped--they're surprisingly versatile.

    Mom/Josh--did Josh actually say that? Cute!