Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 80: The Illegal Allens

Dave and I joined 179 other teams to race around Philadelphia in the Great Urban Race on Saturday. In these shiny costumes, we covered 8.5 miles, 5.5 of which was on foot. For this race, each team must have matching or coordinating outfits, and we didn't have anything inspired by aliens or farm laborers. I realized that I was going to have to wear this old Vanna White costume from about 1995 one way or another, and with shorts underneath, it's actually pretty comfortable to run in. Much better than my wedding dress. So Dave wore the old Dayman costume that I made in 2009 for our It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Halloween costumes, and we were vaguely aliens from the 80s or something like that.  At least until we had to do a couple of yoga poses and his costume ripped in two spots. Luckily, we had packed an extra pair of shorts for him. 

We were the 3rd team to finish the race, and would've won $100, except we weren't doing a soccer pose in one picture that required it, so we got a 30 minute penalty and forfeited our prize to the Holy Cows, two girls dressed as cows with halos, wings, and pink balloons for udders.
Good luck in New Orleans, Lauren and Jessica!

Dave made a Google map of our route so we could see how much ground we covered and so you can see where they sent us.

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