Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Wardrobe Update

Want to see how I'm doing on my project? Here are a few pictures of what I have worn and what I have yet to wear. I'm still aiming for a December end date; maybe I can get it to coincide with the end of the year.  I have a few observations about what I need to fill out my wardrobe: any kind of shorts, white pants/skirt/shorts that are cooler than my jeans, nice blouses, and a pair or two of boots.  I have been dreaming of a pair of riding boots for a while now. 
My half of the closet: it looks about half worn and half not yet worn, with the dividing line being that furry plaid vest, which you haven't seen yet. You can't see everything in this picture, which happens with a moderately sized closet that is shared with a husband whose wardrobe is also improving.  There are also shelves along the top of the closet.

Most of the tops I have worn so far.  I keep these in a duffel bag in my closet for now.
Remaining tops. Many of them are really not so work-appropriate. Lots of loose-fitting, plain colored tees.  At least I gave away most of my going-out shirts after college.

A few more tees: generally not work-appropriate, but also not gym-eligible.  Weekends and evenings, get ready for Evergreen Lumber.


  1. you've inspired me!

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  2. Thanks, Annina! I'm really happy to hear that, because sometimes I feel like my outfits are uninspired. It takes a lot of commitment to work through all this stuff!