Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 85: Who needs pants?

Among the many things I am concluding about my wardrobe and clothing in general is that pants are overrated.  Skirts and dresses are totally the way to go if you want to look pulled together and interesting,and have some variety to your look.  It's obviously good to have a few great pairs of pants, but all of my outfits would be so boring if I wore each top with a pair of black or khaki pants.  I think this shirt is pretty, but I have been putting off wearing it because it's too boring to wear with pants, but it doesnt match many of my skirts.  If I had an occasion to wear a business suit recently, I would consider wearing this shirt underneath, as long as I continue to safety pin the ruffled neckline to make it work-appropriate. 

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: J. Crew
Shoes: Payless
Watch: From Margaret
Necklace: Don't know


  1. I was just mulling over the skirt vs. pants thing in the kitchen and quite literally came to the same conclusion! I almost wore pants with my sweater today, and then decided a skirt would look much more pulled together, and it does! It is an easy way to look as if you put effort into an outfit, when in reality, it is just as easy to grab the skirt as it is to grab the pants hanging beside it!

  2. Kayla, this probably means we need to get a whole lot of tights to stay warm! I went for the pants today because they're warmer and look more natural with a sweater, I think. But I look so basic!