Friday, December 9, 2011

For the Lazy Lady in All of Us

Hopefully you don't remember the wrinkles on the gray dress that I wore back in September.  It wasn't the wrinkliest outfit I've ever seen, but it wasn't exactly a proud moment.  Take a look at what the dress looked like in the beginning:

Enter Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray.  The good folks at Downy sent me a bottle (along with another spray to use the next time I iron...which might be never), and I immediately knew which dress I would use to test the spray.  With a few spritzes, I let the dress hang overnight. I never took the iron out of the closet, because as you should remember, I only like to iron when I'm on business trips.  When I woke up and put the dress on, I found that it was significantly less wrinkled.  I like this experiment a lot better than the one I did in fifth grade that involved carnations and glycerin; this one has a practical implication and I am thrilled to see that with a few sprays, I can turn ridiculous into presentable.  My science teacher mom should be proud.