Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 56: Florals and Reasons

Some friends have recently asked why I started this challenge.  Mostly it's because when I dropped a few sizes and got rid of a good portion of my old clothes, I just started buying a whole bunch of new stuff.  I didn't know whether I was buying too much, and I didn't know if I was buying what I needed.  So I decided to take a step back and evaluate what I do have to determine if I am justified in continuing to buy a whole lot more stuff.  That original big closet cleanout probably makes this task easier for me than it is for a lot of other people. 

I also heard about Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge when Kimberly participated in it.  The concept behind that project is to start with 30 items from your wardrobe and mix and match them with each other and with accessories to come up with a month full of outfits.  It looked like a lot of fun, and Kim's outfits were great, but I thought, "Why would I try to wear a limited number of outfits when I should really be trying to wear the things I normally don't?" So I decided to wear everything.
 Are these pant legs different lengths or am I just standing crookedly?
Shirt: LOFT
Pants: Sears
Shoes: Payless
Scarf: ???
Bag: Target
Bracelet on left wrist: Was Aga's
Ring: J. Karma

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