Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 44: Skirting Around the Issue

This skirt has been at the back of my closet for the past month, and I missed it, so I brought it back with a shirt I've never thought about before. The shirt has always been a lounging with jeans around the house kind of shirt, but it's showing me today that it could probably be incorporated into a regular business casual workplace. I am glad that I have been following some style blogs now, because they taught me that you can type "business casz" and it's the most accurate representation of how to pronounce the shortened form of my work attire.
Watch me fiddle with my rings. I am wearing two engagement rings today; one is from Dave, and one is from Kelly Bates. It was very useful at fending off some (but not all) creeps when I was in Morocco.

It's a little bulky. I think I will just stick with the diamonds that are real after this.  It has been fun to wear all of my jewelry; I've realized that I wore the tiniest fraction of it before The Everything Project.

Thanks to my trusty friend (and coworker only for the next 5 hours!) Jan for taking these pictures for me while Dave was away! I will treasure the moments she made me stand on desks, even if I did not post them on here.
Shirt: Kohls? That's my guess for many older, nondescript shirts
Skirt and belt: J. Crew
Sandals: Old Navy
Opal earrings: Gift from Grandma
Heart opal necklace: I've had it for a really long time (13ish years?), but I am thinking it's a gift from Mom, though for some reason I feel like it could be from Aunt Lucy
Ring: Gift from Kelly

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