Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011: Day 10

Here is a good example of an outfit I have never worn before and am only wearing because I challenged myself to wear all of my clothes. I have a decent number of shirts that fall into this category of not being appropriate for work, the gym, parties, dinners out, or essentially anywhere.  So I'm turning Casual Friday on its head and instead of wearing a dressy shirt with jeans, you get a t-shirt with a skirt. This shirt really makes me want to go right here for a sandwich with sprouts on it.

Shirt: Something Natural on Nantucket
Skirt: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Francesca's
Sandals: Old Navy
Ice cream: Free from the Bourse! (a work perk for today!)


  1. I appreciate this "reverse casual Friday" approach. I also have many of these sorts of t-shirts that I don't wear to work due to their non-fanciness. Never thought of pairing them with nice skirts!

  2. yum!!!!! i want to go there too : )

  3. I tried to go the one day I was there last summer, but they were closing their doors when I biked up! :(

    How is Seattle???