Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 12: Beach in blue

On Sunday, Dave and I had a nice little beach day in Stone Harbor. We were able to avoid disastrous sunburn, so I consider it a success. I learned that this is really the only cover-up I have. I could get creative and wear a belted, buttoned men's shirt, or I could wear something a little fancier, but nothing works as well as this. That's why I wear it every single time I go to the pool, too. That's like 4 times a week.
One side effect of this project is that it encourages me to shop less in order to make the challenge go faster. However, I do get to see where the holes in my wardrobe are. Right now, my shopping list looks like this:
Cover-up, white skirt or shorts, and white wedges or other sandals. I could also use another bikini. And, as I've known for a long time, more work-appropriate shirts.

Old Navy dress, way cute beach tag accessory, Victoria's Secret bathing suit,
and flip flops my mom bought from a store in Stone Harbor, coincidentally

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