Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 17:More pockets

This weekend, I will escape to cool and temperate Minneapolis for a work conference. I'm looking forward to temperatures in the 80s and the opportunity to wear outfits I don't love as much, since I won't know anyone at this conference (besides my cousin, coincidentally, but she is kind and forgiving).  I will spend most of my time in a big, air-conditioned Hilton, but I'm not sure how to spend the rest of my time there.

I could've used bolder accessories with this dress, but I don't exactly have any. How would you wear it?

Dress: Old Navy
Headband: J. Crew (I haven't worn it since someone spilled beer on my head at Varga)
Necklace: from a Lewisburg antique barn
Friendship bracelet: Authentic from about 12 years ago
Tote: Banana Republic
Sandals: Kohl's. I've realized I only have 2 work-appropriate (read: non-flip flop) pairs of sandals


  1. Hi Lindsay! I love the brown and blush color combination. If you want to go bolder, brown and bright pink always look nice together. I might try a colorful scarf with this dress as well (if it isn't 100 degrees out, of course).

  2. I think it looks fab! Since you are asking for suggestions though, perhaps a belt would look cute? And to switch things up if you ever wanted to wear a different necklace with it, I could picture it with a long, skinny, simple beaded necklace of some sort. I like brown and bright pink, and also brown and shades of teal/turquoise.