Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 14: Dressed to chill

Another heat wave is starting, and I was sweating before I even left the house.

I'm sure that the readership of this blog is going to skyrocket now that my interview has aired on NBC and I was quoted in the Metro. There is a purse-stealer on the loose, which means I've stopped carrying my purse, and I have now informed Philadelphia of my precautions. Now I'm focusing on clothes with pockets, so I can just carry my phone, lipstick, keys, and mace with me.  Nothing to steal here, folks.
Top: Gap. Very infrequently worn.
Skirt: Anthro. It has pockets!
Headband: In the Village salon
Earrings: Gift from Jen C.
Sandals: Old Navy
Cardigan for the office: Ann Taylor

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