Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011: Day 4

This is what I wore for a warm, summer hike at Wissahickon Valley Park. It's only our second time going there, but I am so impressed. There is a path for bikers, strollers, and walkers, and we took the rocky, hilly route to replace a trip to the gym. We still make it to the gym for a post-hike swim, however, since we skipped the Tarzan swing into Devil's Pool.

Because this shirt is also from Vancouver, I think I owe an explanation of why so much of what I wear is from there. I attended a statistics conference in Vancouver last August, and I ate at a number of good restaurants, went for morning walks, explored the market at Granville Island, biked around Stanley Park, and shopped on Robson Street. The street of stores was around the corner from my hotel, so I skipped out on an afternoon of promoting journals to take a look around the stores. I left with about 12 items of clothing, for a total of about $150. It's not that the exchange rate was all that favorable; there were just 3 stores that offered everything I wanted.  So the first day's outfit and yesterday's blue skirt (in addition to several other items) were from RW&Co, and I also got a skirt with bicycles on it from Zara that you will see at some point.  This shirt (the brand is Wilbur) and another similar one, as well as a striped dress, are from a pretty high-end store whose name I don't know. It was just the luckiest shopping day of my life, and the items are all versatile, practical, and they all still fit.

Shirt: Unknown store in Vancouver
Shorts: J. Crew
Sunglasses: Gap
Sneakers: Old classics from Nike
Envelope necklace: Gift from Dave!

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