Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 140: Lindsay from the block

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Are you going out in your hometown tonight? My hometown doesn't have a bar, but I do know where to go if I wanted to find everyone who went to my high school.  Instead, I'll be out in Philadelphia tonight, where anyone I bump into will be from more recent years of my life. Then tomorrow morning Dave and I will head to his cousin's house up on the mountain in Maryland for a meal with his family.  With family in Maryland and New Jersey and us in Pennsylvania, we're generally able to spend time on or around the holidays with each side. I know we're pretty lucky!

A special shout-out to Mom and Old Navy for this one:
Bag, Top, Jacket, and Headband: Gift from Old Navy, from Mom
Earrings: Gift
Pants: Target
Shoes: Nine West via Macy's

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  1. I love those black pants with heels! This is a super cute outfit. :)