Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 121: What do you think?

As I'm nearing the end of my project, I want to know what you liked about it. Would you be willing to scroll back a bit and let me know what some of your favorite outfits are? You can also click on the keywords to the right to find older outfits that way.  If you hate an outfit, I probably hate it too, and may have already given away parts of it, so you don't need to tell me that, unless you think it's really important, and you're sensitive about it! I have decided that there is certainly room in my wardrobe for some additions, so I would love your feedback to learn what you think I should add to my closet.  For instance: jeans. I know I need new jeans! I have been adding components along the way, either just for fun (leopard print blouse) or because taking daily photos of my outfits tells me what is lacking (boots, until recently!).  So the project has helped me expand my wardrobe a bit, but I'd like to hear how you think I can improve it some more.  Thanks for reading and encouraging me along the way!  There are still plenty of outfits to come, but I promise they're not necessarily the highlights of my wardrobe. There are some fun pieces left though!
I am picking Chloe up from ballet and then babysitting tonight, which may have partially inspired today's bun in my hair.
Notice how the sign says "Watch Children". That's what I do best!
Sweater: Gift from Dave's Aunt Edie
Phillies shirt underneath, in case of extreme heat or itch: Gift from Easter Bunny, K-Mart
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger via TJ Maxx
Boots: Gift from Mom, Kenneth Cole via Marshall's
Bag: Old Navy
Coin pearl earrings: Gift from Dave, Syracuse shop


  1. i love this outfit! especially your bag!

  2. Thanks Amanda! One of the moms I babysit for complimented me on this bag, and I had to laugh because I know how nice and designer her bags are!