Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 122: What I wouldn't have worn

After a run on Saturday morning, the day consisted of a trip to the grocery store, Target, and the liquor store. We headed across the bridge to New Jersey for this so we could mix it up and go to Wegmans instead of our little neighborhood Super Fresh.  I really love Wegmans. I've been able to wear most of my hoodies on trips to and from the gym, and none of them are really so exciting, so you're not missing much when I don't photograph them. Here is a bright orange hoodie that my parents gave me when I was about to go to Bucknell because they didn't want to pay $65 for a sweatshirt. I've since bought some school-sprited clothes, but I understand their hesitation to pay full price at the bookstore.
I think this top was $2.50 about 10 years ago, and has some random stains on it, so it's time to say good-bye. I don't even think this one deserves a thrift store.
These pictures were taken at Retrospect, a vintage store on South Street, where I was tempted to buy a leather skirt. I put it back.
3/4 sleeve top: South of the Border in South Carolina
Hoodie: Adidas from Kohl's
Jeans: Were Laura's, Gap
Chuck Taylors: TJ Maxx

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