Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 127: The future of my wardrobe

How am I going to get dressed in the morning once all of my clothes are available to me again? It seems overwhelming. I also notice that there aren't many clothes I actively miss at the moment, though I'm sure I'll be excited to wear some when I see them. Since I started this project and blog, I really started reading fashion and style blogs, and I realize that my wardrobe needs some major work.  I'm feeling inspired to go out and buy a whole bunch of new clothes, but where would I start? I am thinking I need all kinds of different sweaters, ones that play with proportion, necklines, and designs, as well as pencil skirts and tights to phase out any uninspired work pants.  What do you want to add to your wardrobe?

Cardigan: Lilly Pulitzer
Top: TJ Maxx
Blue tank underneath because top shirt is sheer: RW&Co. in Vancouver
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Gift from Dave
Cuff: Shop on Nantucket, 2005


  1. I kept meaning to look back and pick my favorite outfits, but I didn't get around to it until today. Here you go: 11/8 (day 125), 11/7 (day 123), 10/17 (day 102), 10/12 (day 98), 10/3 (day 89), 9/30 (days 55, 54), 8/15 (day 40), 8/3 (day 28), and 7/13 (day 8). I also liked the outfits you wore in LA.

    P.S. This color blue looks great on you!

  2. This is such a pretty blue on you! Also, your necklace is absolutely adorable :) The only thing I need to complete my wardrobe at this point is a mustard yellow skirt. I have been searching everywhere! Heather