Monday, November 21, 2011

Assess the Dress

As I analyzed my wardrobe over the weekend, I found 3 dresses that I haven't yet worn since way, way before July 6, 2011. I like them, but I have no idea when I would wear them.  I'm not attending my company's holiday party this year, and I don't think I would have worn any of these even if I were.  I don't anticipate wearing them to any of the weddings I attend next year. So this is what it's all about: I gave these dresses away. They're currently in my sister's possession since she has singing performances and more opportunites for dressing up, and until she donates them, I could technically take them back if I find a time that I would like to wear them. But I want to know what you think. Do you think I should keep any of these dresses? Would you like to see me wearing any of them this holiday season?
Green dress: Was Betsy's, maybe from Francesca's?? Wore it in 2009 for a Theta reunion

Black dress: Very old, Not sure where I got it.  Last wore it for a Christmas party in 2007

Red dress: David's Bridal. Wore as a bridesmaid in Denise & Dan's wedding in 2009.
Happy almost anniversary, friends!! 


  1. Love all the dresses, especially the green one. That would be great for a holiday party.

  2. love the green one best!

  3. Hi Lindsay! I really like the green dress too. I think you could even dress it down a bit for work - maybe with a cardigan and flats? I think you could wear the third one to a wedding or for Christmas dinner.

  4. Number one is cute! If you wanted to take the holiday dress up to an insane level, you could wear it with red stockings, LOL. Definitely cute!


    PS- Just found your blog! Awesome idea!

  5. The green dress is so cute! Looks great with the tights :) I wonder if you paired it with silver leggings for the holidays, how it would look.

    much love,
    Hybrid Hunter

  6. i love these dresses! but i know what you mean as in its hard to find an occasion to wear dresses like that! i had quite a few dresses like that. but honestly, i wear dresses probably 3/4 days a week, but just not as fancy!

    sharde @ the style projects

  7. great choice of dresses!

    check out my blog:)

  8. Nice red dress! We're going up into the mountains this weekend for our anniversary :-)

  9. the green one looks like it could be a good summertime dress too! it fits great and you look cute!

  10. The people have spoken! I'm glad you all like the green dress--I've told my sister that I'll be taking it back. I'm also still welcoming an opportunity to wear the red dress. Steph, my holiday dinners are always a little too casual, but in my dream world I would wear it for Christmas dinner.